Electro-Harmonix EH4600 Small Clone Chorus Guitar Pedal Review

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Best Chorus Pedals
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If you don’t know what a chorus pedal is you’ve definitely heard one. It is one of the most broadly used modulation effects in recent guitar history and this is one of the best guitar chorus pedals on the market today.

The analogue chorus effect is well-rounded and adds an ambience that the digital age lacks. If you’re looking at this pedal and thinking that there’s some controls missing then you’ve got to play through one. It has pretty much become the industry standard of chorus pedals.

There may be variables you can’t control (i.e. level, eq) but you really don’t need them – the sound from this pedal is amazing. It will deliver a 12 string shimmer to your 6 string guitar and ramp all the way up to the full Leslie rotating speaker warble. And it does this with such warmth and passion.

Electro Harmonix take guitar sound processing to the next level and this is apparent in what most would to consider to be a basic pedal. Some search for the ‘transparent’ modualtion effects however Electro Harmonix unashamadley improve your guitar sound, and if you don’t like it then take a look at the other pedals in our chorus effect range.

Use this pedal to sound like:
David Gilmore, Kurt Cobain




Take a look at the video below to hear just what is so great about this simple pedal:


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