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Best chorus pedal, guitar chorus pedal, chorus effect pedal


The chorus pedal is a guitar effect that has been around for decades. It’s real heyday was in the 1980’s but it has survived as one of the staple modulation effects that needs to be in your armory.

MXR has brought out an analogue chorus pedal which, gives you everything you want from a chorus effect Рfrom the subtle, liquid glassy sheen on your sound to the full on warbling Leslie speaker.

The pedal is of all-metal construction and decked out in sublime blue with a super bright blue LED when the pedal is active – you won’t miss this on your pedalboard when it’s turned on.

One of the most noticeable features on this pedal that make it stand out from the crowd is the number of control pots, 5 in total. You have the Level, Rate & Depth controls that you would expect on a chorus pedal but this has the addition of a high and a low EQ control for maximum flexibility.

This versatile little effects pedal can easily capture the tonal undulations of Nirvana’s ‘Come As You Are’ and Soundgarden’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ but if you roll back the controls you can let the chorus pedal add a little 12-string shimmer to your sound.

The EQ controls really let you bring out the tones of your guitar and help you sit nicely in the mix whether it’s a live gig or directly into a mixing desk.

If you’re looking for a solid and versatile chorus pedal for your guitar you can do worse than pick up the MXR M234 Analog Chorus Pedal.


Take a look below at it being put through its paces


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The Big Muff Pi is essentially a fuzz distortion pedal which has been a favourite with the world’s best guitarists for decades. The modern version hasn’t changed much – there’s an LED on top now to let you know when the pedal’s active but that’s about it.

One thing that sets the Big Muff Pi apart from most distortion/fuzz/overdrive pedals is the way it works with your equipment. It’s well worth playing around with the controls on the pedal but if you start twiddling with the controls on your guitar and amp you’ll be able to find your sweet spot between thick, heavy fuzz and crystal-clear sustaining overdrive.

There are 3 control pots on this pedal – volume, tone and sustain. Cranking up the sustain control gives a smooth, almost violin-like fuzz tone whilst rolling the sustain back and boosting the volume provides more traditional overdrive/distortion sounds.

Another neat trick is to roll back the volume on your guitar and pile on the sustain – this gives a tight, clear tone which still has plenty of sustain. You can see why this is one of Dave Gilmore’s favourite pedals and the reason he can play those long-held notes.

If you want something a bit different or if you’re trying to capture the sounds of psychedelic rock you might want to try this pedal – it’s not for everyone (you don’t see this pedal in many metal bands) and it may take some experimentation to get what you want from it but any time spent playing through this pedal is time well spent.

Use this pedal to get sounds like:
David Gilmore, Jimi Hendrix, Smashing Pumpkins, Santana




In the video below you’ll discover why this pedal is a favourite with some of the legendary guitarists:

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If you don’t know what a chorus pedal is you’ve definitely heard one. It is one of the most broadly used modulation effects in recent guitar history and this is one of the best guitar chorus pedals on the market today.

The analogue chorus effect is well-rounded and adds an ambience that the digital age lacks. If you’re looking at this pedal and thinking that there’s some controls missing then you’ve got to play through one. It has pretty much become the industry standard of chorus pedals.

There may be variables you can’t control (i.e. level, eq) but you really don’t need them – the sound from this pedal is amazing. It will deliver a 12 string shimmer to your 6 string guitar and ramp all the way up to the full Leslie rotating speaker warble. And it does this with such warmth and passion.

Electro Harmonix take guitar sound processing to the next level and this is apparent in what most would to consider to be a basic pedal. Some search for the ‘transparent’ modualtion effects however Electro Harmonix unashamadley improve your guitar sound, and if you don’t like it then take a look at the other pedals in our chorus effect range.

Use this pedal to sound like:
David Gilmore, Kurt Cobain




Take a look at the video below to hear just what is so great about this simple pedal:


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Boss never seem to fail to deliver with their guitar pedals, the construction of each pedal I have used is absolutely bombproof and has a great sound. Solid metal and with a longevity that will outlast your guitar playing career. Powered from a 9v battery or mains – the adaptor isn’t included.

The Boss CH-1 Stereo chorus pedal is one that gives you a¬†light and transparent guitar sound but with the ability to go from a subtle shimmer to full on Leslie speaker style wobble. It has 4 control pots – E.Level, EQ, Rate, Depth. If you’ve used a chorus pedal before then these should be pretty self-explanatory. If not here’s a quick run down:-

  • E.level – controls the wet/dry mix of the output of the pedal so you can balance the amount of chorus applied to your guitar signal
  • EQ – is basically a tone control from bass to treble
  • Rate – controls the speed of the modulation effect
  • Depth – controls the width of the modulation

It’s always nice to see an EQ control on a chorus pedal so you can make sure that the pedal doesn’t colour your guitar sound adversely and sits nicely in with your rig. Some pedals give you more controls to play with for the EQ setting but I’ve always found the Boss tone controls well able to deliver the right sound balance (with my guitar set up I find that 11o’clock ish is the sweet spot.)

With the rate pot turned down low and the depth cranked up to about 7 the pedal adds a nice ambience to your guitar sound filling it out nicely, and bringing the rate up you can get something akin to ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix. You can even go way further than that, right into an interstellar warble.

One thing to remember about this pedal is that it is stereo as well as mono so if you’ve got a stereo setup for your guitar you can really beef out your sound.

Use this pedal to get sounds like:
Jimi Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Phil Carlin


Have a listen to the Boss CH-1 Super Stereo Chorus Pedal in the video below:

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